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We are experienced in government/military, industrial, commercial and residential design services.


From Veterans Administration to federal, state and local governments we understand the United Facilities Criteria, to building codes, and local requirements to make your project a successful one.  Additionally, we understand the need for a design that meets the cost estimate.  We believe in forging a strong relationship with the project manager and highly detailed, up front field work yields the best results.


Beekman Point Engineering is proud to be a service disabled veteran owned business and an owner with 21-years of active submarine service.  We are eager to work with all branches of the United States military and deliver designs with the submariner level of attention to detail.  We believe that America’s warriors deserve the highest level of customer focus.  In our experience portfolio we have worked on Marine Corps barracks, US Army medical facilities including medical gas, and South Carolina Army National Guard restroom conversions.


In addition to normal building design services, BPE provides engineering design and analysis services for fluid transport to support cooling of various processes, piping and pump design for fluids and slurries, plant electrical design, and heat load analysis of process equipment.


Beekman Point provides full service MEP engineering for commercial clients in all aspects of building systems design through to final occupancy.   Our project portfolio includes small office projects, churches, schools, addiction recovery facilities, and apartment complexes to large high-rise buildings with occupancy diversity on each floor.  Regardless of the project size we have the engineering know-how and customer-centric focus to deliver on any project.  Additionally, BPE has been called upon to remedy other firm’s designs that resulted in high humidity conditions in several K-12 schools.


BPE provides design services for homeowner’s and contractor’s alike.  For contractor’s we can bridge the gap between client and subcontractor and free up the general contractor to focus on bigger things.  For the homeowner, we help you make sure you get the mechanical and electrical systems you expected.  We seek to provide designs for residential HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems that are intelligently controlled to maximize ease of use and energy efficiency.

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