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In his experience portfolio prior to starting Beekman Point Engineering, Tony was the lead mechanical design engineer for two large United States Marine Corps enlisted barracks buildings.  HP503 is a 120-room barracks and HP513 is a 144-room barracks.  These buildings were similar and are included on this single section F.  Each barracks renovation was approximately $5MM.

The scope of each project Tony completed from start to finish was complete building renovation including demolition of all mechanical and plumbing systems, design of a new mechanical out-building, design of new interior mechanical air distribution systems, building heat load analysis, associated equipment selection, chilled water system design, heating hot water system, plumbing systems, and BACNet sequences of operation.

Tony provided an energy conscious mechanical design that included selection of a 100-ton air-cooled scroll compressor based chiller for HP503 and a 110-ton air-cooled, centrifugal compressor, oil-free, and magnetically levitated chiller for HP513.  While not specifically certified using LEED, the target design achieved a 20% reduction from the baseline.

The chilled water system was designed as a variable-primary system with two parallel and redundant VFD powered centrifugal pumps. Buried, underground-piping was specifically delineated in the Division 23 specifications as a pre-engineered and factory insulated system to avoid excessive system stresses due to expansion and contraction following installation.

The design used (3) condensing, fire-tube boilers to provide hydronic reheat at each series fan-powered box.  The 2-pipe heating hot water system included similar components to the chilled water system, except it was configured and designed as a variable primary-variable secondary pumping configuration.

Interior to the building, Tony employed the static regain method to size the main distribution ductwork.  Each restroom was equipped with exhaust that passed through a desiccant wheel Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) to exchange energy with the fresh air stream before being exhausted.

The complete plumbing renovation included complete demolition of existing plumbing fixtures, the majority of domestic water distribution, and sanitary waste.  Tony’s new design included domestic water distribution and high-efficiency PVI condensing water boilers capable of providing the full building demand of all restrooms used at once.  A water tempering and recirculation system was also included.  Each restroom was remodeled with new flushometer water closets, showers, and lavatory fixtures that met the EPA’s WaterSense requirements.

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