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Tony Duttera was the lead mechanical engineer for the renovation and expansion of 4 female restrooms at four South Carolina National Guard facilities. The facilities were at the following South Carolina locations Myrtle Beach, Edgefield, Camden, and North Charleston. The Guard embarked on this project to accommodate increased females in the organization to meet code required fixtures and to provide properly functioning facilities for female service members.

Each building was built in the 1960’s or 1950’s and required significant field investigation to fully understand multiple renovations and systems, pipes and equipment that was abandoned in place including urinals in the female latrines. The Edgefield and Myrtle Beach facilities also required historic building considerations for exhaust system penetrations.

Each restroom design included demolition of existing fixtures, ground demolition to access and inspect sanitary drainage pipes, and demolition of existing HVAC and exhaust systems. The plumbing design included all new and additional water closets, lavatories, and showers. Exhaust systems were designed to be architecturally pleasing and to prevent compromising historic features of the Edgefield facility. The existing domestic hot water system was evaluated to handle the additional hot water load and appropriate modifications were made including heat trace for linear runs greater than 50 feet from the fixture.

In accordance with client desires, each female restroom was equipped with a ceiling cassette or wall-mounted unit mini-split HVAC system capable of cooling, heating and dehumidification.

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Camden, Myrtle Beach, Edgefield & North Charleston, SC

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