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In his experience portfolio prior to starting Beekman Point Engineering, Tony provided the engineering to replace a 40-year old chiller that had a known leak of R-12 refrigerant, a known ozone depleting substance.  The chiller provided at 0º F ethylene glycol to remove heat generated from exothermic chemical reactions in multiple reactors at the facility.

The first phase of the design was to obtain maximum heat rejection from the chemical reactors to properly size the new chiller.  Following a 3-month data collection phase during various operating conditions and production levels, the chiller was sized at 400-tons to account for current heat loads, heat loss in pipes, expected future production process changes, and an upsizing factor to account for the low temperature requirement.  Additionally, Tony designed the new system to use food grade propylene glycol as the best environmentally conscious fluid that still satisfied the plant needs.

The second phase of the project was to evaluate multiple chiller manufacturers and select a chiller capable of meeting the needs of plant.  Three chiller manufacturers were selected for evaluation and each chiller was evaluated over a 10-year period for initial cost, annual electrical consumption, and expected maintenance costs to arrive at the final recommended solution.

Finally, the existing piping and cooling water pumps were evaluated and new insulation was specified to replace the existing insulation.  Additional features of the design included installation of temporary chiller connections – a standard for Beekman Point Engineering – to simplify and rapidly provide rental chiller connectivity in the event of a main chiller failure.

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